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February 2024: Best Equine Veterinary Care Practices Newsletter

Updated: Mar 4

New year -- new clinic

new brand

We are so excited to share our new clinic offerings with you including our monthly Massie Equine Masterclasses, Fitness Coaching & Bodywork and equine care plans that make it all affordable!

do you still see pets and livestock?

Any pet or livestock client with a current exam on record during 2023 is still active in our system and we are happy to serve you in 2024 and beyond if we see your animal annually. Going forward we will only see NEW pets and livestock for established equine households. When equine clients switch their pets and livestock over to our clinic you will receive 10% off their annual exams. Folks love that we can come to their farm and see every animal on the property! You can also bring them to the clinic as well.

are you using your petportal?

Access your pet's information in one place. Keep track easily of your pet's prescriptions, vaccines, reminders and appointments. Schedule actual appointments in a couple of clicks. Confirm, cancel or reschedule as easily.

MyPetsWellness automatically notifies you of your pet's prescriptions or vaccine reminders. You can easily refill prescriptions, request health certificates, schedule appointments. Available on GooglePlay or Apple.

clinic update: the dirt work is almost done!

The dirtwork is almost finished for our new facility and barns begin this month. We look forward to sharing our dream with you:

  • On site hospitalization & rehabilitation services for injuries, colic, abscesses, you name it.

  • 24/7 veterinary care, Dr. Massie and Andria live on site.

  • 100' x 250' outdoor arena with client viewing suite for lameness and biomechanical diagnostics, client day use and educational clinics.

  • Boarding for aged horses needing specialized care.

  • Equine fitness and rehabilitation coaching with Andria

  • Equine day spa for grooming, regenerative therapies, and farrier work!

  • Accepting referrals from outside veterinary clinics for rehabilitation and sports medicine injuries.

  • Care plans to help make the best in equine care affordable to you with monthly payments.

Massie Equine Masterclasses

Our Masterclasses are in person gatherings on a variety of equine care topics held throughout the year at our clinic. Once filmed they will be available online as a course to purchase and download. Stay tuned for more details!


We have three California Equine Wellness Clinics Coming up in Etna, Montague and Fort Jones. Be sure to get on our books!

Monday, February 19th 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

KK Bar Horsemanship

2824 S. Hwy 3

Etna, CA 96027

Saturday, March 16th, 9 a.m. - 6  p.m.

Ralph's Arena

3018 Montague Grenada Rd,

Montague, CA, 96064

Saturday, April 13th, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Mill Creek Ranch Horse & Rider Confidence Courses

11601 Quartz Valley Road

Fort Jones, CA 96032

Wellness exams, vaccines, dentals, x-rays, ultrasound, bloodwork, laser, physiotherapy, podiatry, coggins, health certs? We've got you covered. Urgent care needs? I can do that too. 

No farm call fee. We are happy to see your pets as well!

Call 541-636-1191 and our receptionist, Tori, will get you scheduled. By appointment only. No drop ins.

Massie Equine Care Plans

We've designed equine care plans to help you provide the best in equine veterinary care all year round. Whether your horse is a weekend warrior, a savvy senior or a performance Simply pay for 1/2 of your annual exam and then we bill you the other 1/2 in low cost monthly installments. Broodmare AI and Colic plans available as well. All feature optional add-on services as well! Starting as low as $27/month one of our plans is sure to fit your budget. You will also receive 10% off all pet services and regenerative medicine therapy packages when enrolled in a care plan. Call Tori today at 541-636-1191 to schedule your annual wellness exam and get enrolled!

Equine fitness coaching & bodywork with Andria

Andria is our equine physiotherapist. Her extensive experience as a trainer and equine bodyworker helps Dr. Massie evaluate our patients' posture, gait abnormalities, muscular and soft tissue tension, and behavioral manifestations of pain. She uses a variety of equine bodywork modalities for horses that are sore, tight or stiff from either normal workload or underlying causes and who may be exhibiting discomfort or irritability. Our bodywork practices include non-invasive massage therapy, trigger point therapy, spinal manipulation, and musculoskeletal, soft tissue, and cranial sacral adjustments. 

Work with Andria one-on-one through a series of in-hand or in-saddle equine fitness sessions to uncover physical restrictions your horse may be facing when attempting to move freely. Andria will provide you with a plan you can work on together to help your horse return to unrestricted movement. Call Tori today at 541-636-1191 to schedule your bodywork and equine fitness coaching session with Andria and uncover what may be holding you and your horse back!

latest blogs

Stand up straight, shoulders back, keep your head level, and don’t slouch -- we all understand the basics of good posture for ourselves. But have we ever considered the equivalent for our horses? Horses spend over 20 hours a day standing, which means their posture has much more of an effect on their athleticism than we realize.

Our monthly newsletters will always update you with what is happening here at the clinic and provide you with veterinary excellence in equine healthcare. For daily updates, emergency information, and equine care tips please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Thank you and as always, reach out to us with any questions you may have by calling Tori at 541-636-1191 or emailing


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