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equine care plans

Our Equine Care Plans allow you to spread out the cost of quality veterinary care over the course of 12 months, helping your budget and your horse! Our plans suit backyard horses, performance horses, and senior/geriatric horses. We offer care plans for every age and lifestyle, with the benefit of personalizing the plan to your horse’s unique needs

♥ EQUINE Care Plan:

Designed for the healthy, stay-at-home horse under the age of 15 with a low-stress lifestyle. This plan focuses on preventing disease and maintaining optimal health.


Perfect for horses over age 15. This plan helps older horses to age gracefully through the prevention and early detection of age-related diseases. The plan includes screenings for heart disease, glaucoma, and pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID or equine Cushing’s disease) to increase healthy longevity.


Ideal for competition horses of all kinds, trail horses, and horses living in boarding barns. This plan is designed to lower the risk of infectious disease, while maximizing soundness and general health.


Created to address breeding needs. This plan includes artificial insemination and the exams and tests required to help ensure a safe pregnancy for mare and foal.

♥ COLIC ER Care Plan:

In the event of a colic emergency you have peace of mind knowing that you can afford care.

See our plan offerings below and select the best plan for your horse by calling 541-636-1191. We'll get you enrolled and your horse on your way to excellent, affordable preventative care.

CALL 541-636-1191
CALL 541-636-1191
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CALL 541-636-1191
CALL 541-636-1191

alexa todd

“I'm a college student and on a limited budget. Equine Care Plans help me provide the best in veterinary care for my horse without worry."

janice smith

"I love my equine care plan! As a senior living on limited income I know my horse is well cared for and the monthly payment suits my budget. Thank you. "

lisa driver

“Showing horses is expensive. The Equine Performance Care Plan allows me to budget out my care for the year while being able to afford show fees .”
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