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April 2024: Best Equine Veterinary Care Practices Newsletter

Build update!

The wet weather sure impacted our ability to get things done around here but now we are cruisin'! Poles went up last week and the dirt work and arena should be done by the end of May. We will offer 4 full service, 12x12 with 20' paddock boarding stalls to clients. Reach out if you are interested.

farrier on staff! austin macleod is accepting new clients and can see you in clinic or at your farm.

We are proud to announce that Austin MacLeod now works exclusively for our practice! We have worked with Austin for 4 years on numerous cases, both in Oregon and California, and trust his level of care and attention to detail. Austin is taking on select new clients and is available at our clinic or your farm. We continue to work with all farriers in our region, and do not exclude working with your farrier, we just love that we can offer a one-stop-shop for our clients, rehab and podiatry cases. We can also send Austin out to you if you're in a jam! Call us to get on Austin's farrier schedule 541-636-1191.

check your spam folder for emails from our online pharmacy

For some reason emails from our online pharmacy, rxPro, and equine care plans are either going to spam or promotions folders. You will not receive your script unless you check these folders within 24 hours of your prescription and MOVE the email into your inbox. rxPro will also send you discount coupons to your email 2x per month. If you haven't received them, please check your spam or promotions folders. Thank you!

keep an eye on your snail mail for an important announcement from Andria!

One of my special focuses is helping our patients, and their riders, safely get back to doing what they love. Until now I have provided equine sports massage, physiotherapy, regenerative therapies, and equine fitness coaching to our patients through our veterinary practice. I want you to know, before anyone else, that these services are now offered and 100% benefit the registered 501 c (3) charitable arm of our practice, The Equine Healing Center.


All my services help horses holistically through our following nonprofit programs:

·      Sagebrush Sioux’s Angel Fund – reducing the cost of veterinary care for low-income owners or horses in need.

·      Rehabilitation of injured horses for a new life as family or therapy horses for veterans or child centered programs.

·      Educational opportunities and events here at our facility and online for our equine community.

·      Whole Horse Externship Opportunities here at our facility for veterinary students – aimed at empowering the next generation of equine veterinary practitioners in whole horse medicine.

Whenever you use my services, your money goes to these worthy programs. You can also make a tax-deductible donation to any of these programs.


As I type, we are building a state-of-the-art equine recovery facility to complement Massie Equine Veterinary Clinic. From regenerative therapies to massage, bodywork, and equine spa days, The Equine Healing Center provides treatments and coaching to help injured horses recover faster, with optimal results. Please reach out to Tori to schedule my services and help horses in need! ~ Andria Massie.

spring vaccines: why you shouldn't give them yourself

We charge the same pricing as The Grange for our vaccines. Why? It's safer for us to give them to your horse. We'd rather protect our patients and clients then have you run into a vaccine issue. You see, retail and online stores do not have any rules for handling vaccines properly. You really have no idea if the kid working at the retail store unpacked the vaccines and left them on a shelf for a couple days instead of the refrigerator. We honor your wish to vaccinate your own horses. It's not about the money to us. If you give a vaccine yourself and your horse has a reaction you have no recourse, and neither do we. If we vaccinate your horse and they have a reaction then the vaccine company pays for your veterinary care due to the reaction. Schedule your spring wellness exam and we will talk about the vaccination recommendations above.

leave a message! seriously...

For some reason folks have been calling and not leaving messages. We can see each call that comes in. If you don't leave a message we can't help you! If you call and leave a message Tori will get back to you urgently if it is urgent, and within 24 hours if it isn't.

Equine Care Plans

We've designed equine care plans to help you provide the best in equine veterinary care at an affordable price. Whether your horse is a weekend warrior, a savvy senior or a performance paragon, simply pay for 1/2 of your annual exam and then we bill you the other 1/2 in low cost monthly installments. Broodmare AI and Colic plans available as well. All feature optional add-on services too! Starting as low as $27/month ,one of our plans is sure to fit your budget. You will also receive 10% off all pet services and regenerative medicine therapy packages when enrolled in a care plan. Call Tori today at 541-636-1191 to schedule your annual wellness exam and get enrolled!

our latest blog: Soundness Checks for Performance Horses and Trail Horses Before Competition & Trail Riding Season

Competition and trail riding season is upon us, and you’re probably excited to get into the show pen or head to the mountains. As you gear up for the upcoming events and adventures, it’s time to focus on getting your horses in peak condition. You might believe your horse is sound as long as they're moving smoothly and showing no obvious health issues, but that’s not always true. Soundness is more than just movement; it is the optimal state of health and function of your horse’s body and mind.  Sometimes, the only way to tell that something is wrong is through comprehensive soundness checks.

🚨 farm calls & House calls: when there's a delay🚨

Our policy for scheduled ambulatory appointments is to expect a 2 hour leeway on either side of your appointment. You may need to be rescheduled to to an emergency on either side of your appointment time. Most large animal clients understand this policy, as it is standard practice throughout large animal practice. This also goes for scheduled end of life care. If there is a delay, we will notify you as quickly as we possibly can. If you do not hear from us by the start of your appointment time it may mean that we are out of service, or Tori is on the phone. One of our staff will get in touch with you as quickly as possible to let you know our estimated time of arrival.

are you using your petportal?

Access your pet's information in one place. Keep track easily of your pet's prescriptions, vaccines, reminders and appointments. Schedule actual appointments in a couple of clicks. Confirm, cancel or reschedule as easily.

MyPetsWellness automatically notifies you of your pet's prescriptions or vaccine reminders. You can easily refill prescriptions, request health certificates, schedule appointments. Available on GooglePlay or Apple.

do you still see pets and livestock?

Any pet or livestock client with a current exam on record during 2023 is still active in our system and we are happy to serve you in 2024 and beyond if we see your animal annually. Going forward we will only see NEW pets and livestock for established equine households. When equine clients switch their pets and livestock over to our clinic you will receive 10% off their annual exams. Folks love that we can come to their farm and see every animal on the property! You can also bring them to the clinic as well.


Our monthly newsletters will always update you with what is happening here at the clinic and provide you with veterinary excellence in equine healthcare. For daily updates, emergency information, and equine care tips please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Thank you and as always, reach out to us with any questions you may have by calling Tori at 541-636-1191 or emailing

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