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Equine Pre-Purchase Exam

Make an informed decision when purchasing your next horse with a pre-purchase exam.

  • 2 hr
  • In clinic or at your farm

Service Description

Dr. Massie regularly performs equine pre-purchase exams for buyers who are looking for a mount that meets their recreational or performance goals.  A pre-purchase examination surveys the horse’s performance and health status prior to purchase so that buyers can make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed. It provides an assessment of any foreseeable problems, but does not guarantee that a horse will remain clinically sound during the remainder of its life.  The evaluation takes up to two hours and offers a top-down physical and manual examination. We will perform flexion tests and analyze the horse’s movement. During the recovery phase, when the horse might experience stiffness, we will assess if there are any issues with gait at the trot and finish up with taking blood samples, if necessary, to test for the presence of pain-killers or sedatives.  X-Rays (Radiographs) are offered for the buyer to weigh soundness concerns and all examinations will be summarized in a written report for the client. 

Contact Details


11910 Blackwell Road, Central Point, OR, USA

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