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June 2024: Best Equine Veterinary Care Practices Newsletter

Updated: Jul 2

Hello from the PCT! Andria and I spent last weekend up at Hyatt Lake Horse Campground in the cool mountain rain. This pic is of my horse Beau munching on some lovely grass while Andria and Ollokot look out over the meadow. It has been since LAST AUGUST that we have been away. Can you believe it? Thank you for supporting our little get away. We've got some new developments and updates in this month's newsletter. Please read to the end.

In service,

Dr. Keaton Massie

board your horse with us!

Our new facility offers exclusive boarding for our clients. We are accepting applications now to reserve your spot late summer/early fall. Email for an application.


  • 12x12 matted stall with covered 20' run

  • Daily turn out with private paddock or shared space.

  • Pine shavings bedding

  • Automatic waterers

  • Meals throughout the day & evening. Certified weed free orchard grass hay and alfalfa hay offered.

  • Basic grooming 5x week

  • Blanketing & fly mask service

  • Fly spray application

  • Private, lockable tack lockers

  • Hot water wash racks with heat lamps

  • 100'x200' outdoor arena with premium footing, groomed regularly

  • 60' round pen

  • Riding trails and track around property

  • On site caretaker

  • On site farrier

  • Veterinary oversight and availability 24/7

  • Private & secure location, not open to the public

  • State of the art security system & video monitoring


  • Daily exercise, ridden or ground work/longing

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Training & tune ups

  • Riding coaching

  • Supplement provision

  • Fresh herbal supplementation from our medicinal garden

  • Bodywork & Equine Day Spa (bathing & deep conditioning hair and hoof treatments, massage, class IV laser, theraplate)

  • Blanket and tack cleaning transport

  • Trailer parking


Forward booking simply means scheduling the next appointments for all patients before they leave our practice for their current visit. Forward booking applies to all types of exams and healthcare visits, including medical progress exams (“rechecks”) and preventive healthcare exams. We will books patients' next appointments in advance because it’s the best way for us to ensure that our patients are seen before any serious problems develop. It lets us provide the best care possible. Most of our clients prefer to do so as a matter of convenience and so we can be sure that our patients don’t miss a check-up that could reveal a health problem. We value all of our patients and feel this is what’s best for them.

Here’s how it works:

  • When you book your annual wellness exam we will automatically book you for the same time for a 6 mo. recheck AND a 12 month annual at the same time as your existing appointment.

  • When you come in for an urgent care visit or lameness exam you will be scheduled for rechecks.

  • You will receive an email confirmation for those future appointments. 

  • 3 days before your appointment an email reminder will ask you to CONFIRM your appointment.

  • You may change your appt through our app or by calling 541-636-1191.

check your email for special promotions from our online pharmacy


Equine Bodywork is used for horses that are sore, tight or stiff from either normal workload or underlying causes and who may be exhibiting discomfort or irritability. Our bodywork practices include non-invasive massage therapy, trigger point therapy, spinal manipulation, and musculoskeletal, soft tissue, and cranial sacral adjustments. 

Horses who are especially active, who have prior injuries, or who are experiencing stress may particularly benefit from bodywork. Andria provides bodywork care for your equine partner and athlete. ​Regular body work appointments are proven to:

• Reduce muscle stiffness and spasms by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow to affected areas

• Improve the elasticity and flexibility of muscles by breaking down scar tissue

• Decrease pain through the release of endorphins

• Relax the horse by creating a sedating effect on the nervous system

• Reduce the risk of injury.

Here’s what you can expect during your horse’s bodywork appointment: First, we will have a discussion with you to determine your horse's history, if they’ve had any injuries, and what your goals are for the work we do together. We will then conduct a visual exam of your horse’s conformation including muscle symmetry, limb and pelvis balance, and top line condition.

Afterwards, we will watch you lightly exercise your horse so that we can analyze body movement. We will be looking for straightness, dragging of the feet, and any signs of lameness or discomfort.  The bodywork adjustment and massage comes next and will last for up to an hour, with additional hours being priced accordingly. 

After our session, you can expect to receive a thorough report of findings and a recommendation for further treatment. Some horses will need more massage therapy than others depending on their condition. Remember that equine bodywork is like peeling back an onion; if the horse has pain or restriction issues, it may take more than one session to relieve them fully.  Unless otherwise instructed, please allow your horse some relaxation and recovery time after their bodywork session. Movement increases the circulation to eliminate lactic acid that the massage freed up during our session.  Call 541-636-1191 to schedule Andria.

farrier on staff! austin macleod is accepting new clients and can see you in clinic or at your farm.

We are proud to announce that Austin MacLeod now works exclusively for our practice! We have worked with Austin for 4 years on numerous cases, both in Oregon and California, and trust his level of care and attention to detail. Austin is taking on select new clients and is available at our clinic or your farm. We continue to work with all farriers in our region, and do not exclude working with your farrier, we just love that we can offer a one-stop-shop for our clients, rehab and podiatry cases. We can also send Austin out to you if you're in a jam! Call us to get on Austin's farrier schedule 541-636-1191

Equine PAYMENT Plans

We've designed equine payment plans to help you provide the best in equine veterinary care at an affordable price. Whether your horse is a weekend warrior, a savvy senior or a performance paragon, simply pay for 1/2 of your annual care and then we bill you the other 1/2 in low cost monthly installments. Broodmare AI and Colic plans available as well. All feature optional add-on services too! Starting as low as $27/month ,one of our plans is sure to fit your budget. You will also receive 10% off all pet services and 10% off equine laser and theraplate when enrolled in a payment plan Call us today at 541-636-1191 to schedule your annual wellness exam and get enrolled!

When treating a horse, you might notice me placing my fingers beneath its jawline and feeling around. I'm checking for tension around the hyoid apparatus that could be pulling it out of alignment and affecting surrounding structures. Why am I doing this? 

are you using your petportal?

Access your horse, livestock and pet information in one place. Keep track easily of your pet's prescriptions, vaccines, reminders and appointments. Schedule actual appointments in a couple of clicks. Confirm, cancel or reschedule as easily.

MyPetsWellness automatically notifies you of your pet's prescriptions or vaccine reminders. You can easily refill prescriptions, request health certificates, schedule appointments. Available on GooglePlay or Apple.


Our monthly newsletters will always update you with what is happening here at the clinic and provide you with veterinary excellence in equine healthcare. For daily updates, emergency information, and equine care tips please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Thank you and as always, reach out to us with any questions you may have by calling usi at 541-636-1191 or emailing

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