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Benefits of Regenerative Laser Therapy for Horses and Pets

Updated: Jan 31

Laser therapy uses light waves to biologically stimulate injured cells and tissues to regenerate. Laser therapy is known to relieve aches and pains, reduce the need for medication, and speed up the healing process. Its therapeutic effects can be used for acute and chronic conditions for horses, pets and livestock.

Key features of Regenerative Laser Therapy

Although laser therapy might seem like a recent development, it has been used for over two decades and has produced truly remarkable treatment outcomes in animals. I particularly love this therapy because:

  • It is a very fast and effective treatment method.

  • It is convenient, easy to use, and does not cause pain.

  • It is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment method and requires no surgical procedures.

How does Regenerative Laser Therapy Work?

Laser therapy works by activating and improving a cell’s ability to use oxygen and produce energy. The body is naturally designed to self-repair and heal, and our class 4 laser helps the body harness this inherent ability, speeding up the natural healing process. Long after the initial exposure, the irradiated tissues continue to heal until healthy function is restored.

Clinical Benefits of Regenerative Laser Therapy

I have found laser therapy very beneficial for conditions involving pain or inflammation. From soothing muscle pains to anti-bacterial effects, here are the well-observed clinical benefits of Regenerative Laser Therapy.

  • Analgesic effects i.e. relieves acute and chronic pain in animals

  • Repairs ligament and tendon injuries

  • Accelerates tissue repair and cell growth

  • Speeds up wound healing

  • Prevents scar tissue formation around injuries

  • Normalizes muscle fibers and function

  • Produces anti-inflammatory effects

  • Produces anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects.

Regenerative Laser Therapy for Equine Athletes

Class 4 lasers can improve recovery times and performance in horses. Apart from soothing muscle pain and relaxing tension in joints, we use regenerative laser therapy to help equine athletes perform optimally. I have had very positive results when treating tendon injuries, arthritis, back pain, joint problems, and laminitis. It has also been extremely helpful in reducing injury layoffs in sports horses. Perhaps the biggest win is in the treatment of career-ending injuries. Many injuries that have sidelined horses in the past are now being successfully treated thanks to Regenerative Laser Therapy.

Regenerative Laser Therapy for Pets

Regenerative Laser Therapy is a safe and efficient method to relieve chronic pain in dogs, cats, and other pets. Class 4 lasers are used to treat wounds, fractures, degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, infections, and dental problems. It is also an effective post-surgical treatment to accelerate recovery. It is particularly useful when medications could have adverse side effects that expose animals to further health risks. As the cumulative effects of regenerative laser therapy become more obvious, a pet's reliance on medications may reduce, and in some cases, completely cease.

Are there side effects to Regenerative Laser Therapy?

I have used Regenerative Laser Therapy with great success and observed no significant adverse effects. I recommend this drug and surgery-free treatment option to accelerate the natural healing process in your horses, pets, and livestock. Contact me and I'll be happy to discuss our success stories.


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