Cowboy and Wild Horses

Siskiyou County Appointments and Visits

We happily serve horses, livestock and companion animals with compassionate, exceptional veterinary care. In clinic appointments at our farm in Central Point, Oregon or mobile appointments are available at these locations in Siskiyou County, CA:

• Hornbrook, CA

• Yreka, CA

• Fort Jones, CA

• Etna, CA

• Montague, CA

• Grenada, CA


Horses have been in our ranching and farming families for generations. We provide some of the best equine care in Siskiyou County.  From High School rodeo to 4H to top performance athletes, we will help your horse do and feel their best!


We support Siskiyou County livestock producers and 4H kids on whatever scale, from small hobby farms to ranches. Herd management is

one of our specialties.

We serve cattle, sheep and goats.

Companion Animal

Dr. Massie has managed companion animal clinics in countries around the world and served as an ER vet at Southern Oregon Specialty Center.

He offers Siskiyou County pets

special expertise!