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Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccines are hugely important to preventative care, and at Massie Veterinary Services, preventative care is our focus.


Vaccines help your dog or cat's immune system fight against future infections through creating antibodies that identify and destroy disease. Depending on the vaccine, they can provide immunity which can lessen the severity or prevent certain diseases altogether.

For kittens and puppies, it is especially important that they receive a full series of vaccines before 6 months of age. They are more susceptible to diseases because their immune system is not fully developed.

Here are some additional benefits of vaccination:

  • Vaccines can help you avoid additional trips to the vet in the future by preventing disease 

  • They help limit diseases that can be passed between animals and people. 

  • They provide your animal with resistance to diseases prevalent in wildlife, such as rabies.

  • They help you meet local and state requirements.

Dr. Massie wants vaccination to be as quick and painless as possible, so there are a few things that animal owners should be knowledgeable about prior to having their animal vaccinated:

  • Many vaccines are administered as a series of dosages, which may take place over the course of several weeks. It is extremely important that owners complete the vaccine schedule, otherwise they risk their animal having a gap in protection or nullifying the effectiveness of the vaccine.

  • While there are standard vaccines that most pets get each year, it’s important to talk to us about your pet’s lifestyle, past illnesses, and future plans for travel before their appointment. Those three things can impact what vaccines they receive and when they receive them. We will work with you to create a vaccination plan as unique as your pet is.  

  • Some vaccines have side-effects, but serious reactions are rare. Side-effects when they occur, they usually only last about 24 hours and are not of concern. These can include discomfort and swelling at the vaccination site, vomiting, mild fever, decreased appetite and activity. You should inform us if your animal has had any adverse reactions to vaccines in the past. However, if these side-effects last more than 24-48 hours or more serious symptoms occur, you should contact us immediately at 541-636-1191. 


Symptoms with cause for alarm include:

  • Persistent vomiting or diarrhea

  • Itchy skin that may seem bumpy 

  • Swelling of the muzzle and around the face, neck, or eyes

  • Severe coughing or difficulty breathing

  • Weakness or collapse


All medical treatments come with their risks, albeit minor ones, but the risks should be weighed against the benefits of protecting your pet, your family, and your community from potentially fatal diseases.

To schedule a vaccination appointment please call or text us at 541-636-1191.

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