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Pain Management for Pets

Not all pain is created equal. Here at Massie Veterinary Services, we know that pain can be both physical and/or psychological, and we work towards identifying the source of the pain and creating personalized plans for treatment.


Every pet’s perception and reaction to pain is different. Some animals will hardly show it, while others make their pain very apparent. If your pet’s behavior changes suddenly, it can be an indicator that they are experiencing pain. Pet’s can’t communicate their pain verbally, so we greatly rely on owners to observe changes in their pet before and after treatment. When in doubt, text or call us with your observations at 541-636-1191. 


However, if you think your pet’s pain behaviors are an indicator of a potential emergency, we urge you to call SOVSC, Southern Oregon’s premier 24-hour veterinary emergency center at 541-282-7711. 


Common Pain Indicators Include:


  • Aggression or Irritability

  • Sudden poor hygiene

  • Lethargy 

  • Uncharacteristic whining, growling, barking, etc.

  • Refusing to move or to eat

  • Hiding

  • Cowering 


At Massie Veterinary Services, our focus is on preventative care. We want to address the pain early-on, identify its source, and help relieve your pet’s suffering. Our treatments will vary depending on the case. If your pet’s pain is manageable, they may be able to make it through with some accommodations, but often with these issues chronic adjustments are needed.


Whatever the case, we will help you create a personalized pain management plan that can be modified as your pet’s response to treatment unfolds. This may take place over the course of days or, if the pain is identified as a part of a chronic issue, it may take place over years. 


We’re confident that with our state-of-the-art technology and years of experience that we can improve the quality of your pet’s life, even if pain becomes a part of that. 


For all questions about pain management or to schedule an appointment, please text or call us at 541-636-1191.  

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