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Pet Microchipping

Thousands of pets go missing each year. Microchips are cost-effective, electronic devices the size of a grain of rice that help combat this problem and can improve the health and welfare of your pet. In Southern Oregon and Northern California, they can be especially helpful during fire season when animals tend to get loose or displaced. 


Massie Veterinary Services implants microchips easily with minimal discomfort. It's like a VIN (vehicle identification number) for your pet that can help return your loved one to you. Many animals look similar and this identifies the ownership of your pet.


Some of the additional benefits of microchipping include:


  • Preventing  theft and aiding in recovery during disasters. 

  • Providing a mobile link to online health certificates and medical records.

  • Providing  accuracy at competitions and preventing fraud. 

  • Providing traceability in the event of a disease outbreak.


To schedule your pet’s microchipping, please call or text us at 541-636-1191.

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