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Pet Deworming

Pet deworming  is a regular and important part of animal care. Parasite control is often done through a dog or cat's monthly preventative such as heartworm or flea and tick medicine. Being on these regularly not only protects your animal but also your family.


Parasite control is important as there are intestinal parasites that do pose a threat to your family, the 4 most important and common of these include:


  • Tapeworms - These are transmitted through fleas on your pet. Children are most susceptible because they touch the family pet with fleas and put their hands in their mouths prior to washing them.

  • Roundworms - These parasite’s eggs are hardy and survive direct sunlight and freezing temperatures. These are transmitted by handling your family pet’s feces (like cleaning up the yard) and not washing your hands before eating.

  • Hookworms - These are transmitted through direct contact with the worms that hatch in the yard. When walking around outside barefoot they burrow into the skin causing itching and rashes, or they can get into the eye by touching it without washing hands.

  • Toxoplasmosis - These are transmitted through cat feces when cleaning the litter. These are of most concern in pregnant owners as they cause brain damage in the baby.


For all parasite control and treatment, we may recommend a therapy or medication that can be purchased through our online pharmacy and delivered right to your door. 


Deworming often is part of an annual examination. To schedule an appointment, please call or text us at 541-636-1191.

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