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Reproductive Services

At Massie Veterinary Services, we recognize that reproductive services are an economic issue. To maximize efficient reproduction, we offer a variety of performance-enhancing services and products.

The truth is that not all bulls are created equal, and that size really does matter when it comes to reproductive value. That’s where our breeding soundness exams come into play. They include an internal exam of the bull’s reproductive structures, scrotal measurements, and a collection of a semen sample, for testing. We also offer the following as additional reproductive services:

  • Trich testing, which scans for potential venereal disease

  • Brucellosis testing

  • Pregnancy Checks

  • Podiatry care for breeding and weight gain

  • Castration and Dehorning


Please note that we are only offering our reproductive services for cattle, until we have broader ultrasound capabilities.

Text or call us at 541-636-1191 to schedule all of your cattle’s reproductive services today – and just in time for the spring breeding season!

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