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Annual Equine Wellness Exams

Thorough equine wellness exams are one of the most important aspects of ensuring preventative equine care. This requires yearly or even quarterly examinations. We recommend spring and fall exams for optimal equine health.


One of the things that sets us apart from other veterinary practices is that our wellness and dental examinations assess your horse’s total wellbeing. This includes but is not limited to evaluating every bodily system, nutrition, soundness, dental health, muscular and skeletal conformation, all aspects of their shoeing and trimming, vaccination records, and parasite loads using the University of Davis minimum standards of horse care. We don't show up, vaccinate your horse and leave. We use all of the information from your appointment as a baseline for continued care. You will receive a complete report of our findings and recommendations for care following your appointment.


We also offer services such as nutritional analysis, state of the art digital imaging, equine sports medicine, osteopathy, bodywork, natural dentistry, thermal imaging, microchipping, and joint injections.


Our wellness exams are designed to give you peace of mind. Whether your horse has a clean bill of health or needs additional evaluation, you’ll be able to proceed with confidence under our guidance. 


Book online to haul in to our clinic here or call/text  541-636-1191 to schedule a farm call.

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