Herd of goats and flock of sheep in the


Preventative Health Management


Vaccines are critical in maintaining the health of your herd and preventing unnecessary veterinary visits. We will be happy to set up a proper vaccine protocol for your herd. There are a variety of vaccines available for your herds but the most important consit of: - Rabies - Tetanus - Orf

Deworming protocols and fecal evaluations

A proper deworming protocol is key to the health and well-being of your herd. Parasites can be deterimental in your herd's well-being and ability to thrive. Most commonly we deworm for Coccidia and Haemonchus contortus (Barberpole worm).We will tailor a testing and deworming protocol to your farm.

Foot trimming and foot care

Small ruminant feet are often forgotten about yet are vital in their general wellfare. We can help you in identifying and treating podiatry issues early on to help your herd thrive. These problems can be external and fixed with a thorough podiatry visits; or they can be internal which we can identify with our high quality digital x-rays. Common external problems include: - Imbalance of growth - Foot rot - Turkish slippers

New herd additions, screening tests for infectious disease

We can help you protect the health and safety of your herd when adding new additions through proper quarantine protocols and health screenings


Shearing is key to protecting your herd from overheating in the summer, allowing your kids/lambs to nurse, and the health of your herds feet.

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