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Equine Wellness Payment Plan

Thorough wellness exams are one of the most important aspects of ensuring preventative care. This requires yearly or even quarterly examinations. That’s why we’ve made it our top priority to offer affordable options for all of our clientele. 


Our most affordable option would be enrolling your horse in our Equine Wellness Payment Plan, our smart and affordable equine wellness package designed to support your horse’s health through high quality, preventative care at just $49.50 a month


It includes: 


  • Farm call 

  • Annual wellness exam

  • Dental Float 

  • 5-Way, West Nile, Potomac Horse Fever, and Rabies Vaccines

  • Fecal Test & Worming Protocol 

  • Bodywork and skeletomuscular adjustments during annual exams

  • And 10% off all labs, diagnostics, and future bodywork, as needed!


These discounts are only approved for those enrolled in our Equine Wellness Payment Plan, so call us at 541-636-1191 to enroll today and take advantage of these benefits.

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