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Equine Behavioral Consultations

Horse owners often experience confusion when a horse exhibits behavior that seems puzzling. How do you know if your horse needs training or are they exhibiting pain that requires veterinary care? As we know, the cause of irregular behavior is often misdiagnosed when its origin is actually pain. We offer behavioral consultations to rule out whether it’s ‘pain or the brain’™!


Dr. Massie and his wife Andria work as a team to evaluate the issue from a pain response or behavioral/and or training perspective. Andria has been a colt starter and student of some of the masters in the horsemanship world for over 30 years. She is also an equine bodyworker and herbalist.  If the cause of the behavioral issue is pain-related, she will also offer equine bodywork services, which can result in transformative differences in behavior for your horse. 


Together they will suggest veterinary or training modalities to remedy the issue at hand and make recommendations to practitioners in the area that are best suited to help you.

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