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Neutering Cats & Dogs

The choice to neuter your small animal is typically done as a form of population control and/or as an attempt to curb aggression, spraying, and roaming tendencies. 

The operation of neutering or castration is called an orchidectomy. The procedure involves general anesthesia, and an incision is made over each side of the scrotal sac so that each testicle can be excised or completely removed. External sutures are not generally required. It is both sterilization and removal of the male hormones that provide the behavioral benefits of castration.

Please note that cats with testicles that have not descended fully may require more invasive surgery and that while cats can be neutered at any age, we highly recommend that the procedure is carried out prior to them entering puberty, usually around 6 months of age, before the cat develops problems, experiences, and habits associated with sexual maturity.

The procedure has very minimal postoperative concerns. Owners may notice some mild swelling post-operation. However, if swelling becomes severe or if there is odor or discharge coming from the site, please immediately text or call us at 541-636-1191, as this may indicate infection. We recommend that the cat be kept indoors for one week after the surgery, as this is the best way to reduce likelihood of infection.


To schedule a neutering appointment, please text or call us at 541-636-1191.

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